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Sandy has enjoyed a full and varied career over the past 18 years, ranging from Dancing, Modelling, Stunt Work and Choreography through to Singing and Acting in Theatre and on Television. More recently Sandy has also displayed her talents at presenting.

Through the experience above, Sandy has gained an extensive range of skills in many different fields of her profession, such as Singing and Roller Skating in Starlight Express, Baton Twirling (British Fancy Strut Champion), Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Street Dance and Salsa, amongst many others.

As well as her varied skills in the entertainment industry, Sandy is also a keen sportswoman and for many years followed the path of stunt work, engaging in the Martial Arts of Kung Fu and Choi Kwan Do to Black Belt, as well as Fencing to silver standard in Sabre, Epeé and Foil, plus SCUBA diving with PADI open water qualification. Training for stunt work also included abseiling, roller skating, swimming to life saver(gold standard) and a general good ability in most athletic sports.

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